planeThe Swan Valley Municipal Airport is a Certified Airport that has been in operation for many years and services a large community area. The Airport is financed by local Municipalities with administrative and maintenance operations contracted to the Town of Swan River. Along with local pilots, the airport is a stop over point for various aircraft including Life flight, Government Services aircraft, Tour and guiding companies, helicopters, visitors from out of province and from the US. The Swan Valley Airport also serves as a staging area for firefighting aircraft when needed, aerial spraying companies and corporate aircraft.

Please check NOTAM’s before you fly!

Call Winnipeg Flight Service 1-866-992-7433

Airport operating frequency 122.8 Mhz

Runway Data

Primary Runway 02-20 = 3935′ x 100′ Asphalt

Secondary Cross Strip 08-26 = 1957′ x 75′ Asphalt/Turf

The airport has both AV gas and Jet A fuel on hand for purchase using a major credit card. Weekday hours are 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. After hours, weekends and holidays, call-out fees will apply.

If you require aircraft fuel call 204-734-8963

For further airport data consult the Canadian Flight Supplement.

To view the NAV. CANADA DAWC site web cameras follow this link and find Swan River on the map of Canada

Safety Management System

In 2014 the Swan Valley Airport completed implementing a Safety Management System on the direction of Transport Canada in order to maintain it’s Airport Certification. Safety structures have been put in place and are administrated through the Safety Manager, Airport Manager and the Town Foreman.

Reporting of Incidents and near misses at the airport is critical to safe operations. Incident reporting forms are available inside the terminal and may be placed into the drop box or faxed. Investigations may be required and co-operation is appreciated in this process. Make sure you leave a phone number to contact you for additional information or just to inform you of the mitigation that has been implemented as a result of investigations. SMS Incident Report Form

Airport Manager – 204-734-4586  email:

Safety Manager -204-281-2269  email:

Fax number 204-734-5786

Town Foreman -204-734-8963

 Drones (UAV's)


Micro drones (under 250 grams) and drones that weigh more than 25 kilograms

Micro drones (under 250 grams) and drones that weigh more than 25 kilograms do not fall into the basic or advanced operations categories. If you have a micro drone, you must never put people or aircraft in danger. Always fly responsibly.

If your drone weighs over 25 kilograms or you want to fly outside the rules, you will need to get special permission from Transport Canada before you fly.

 Please, make the airport operator aware if you are flying your drone near the Swan Valley Airport. Call 204-734-8963 or 204-281-2269 before you fly and a representative will determine if the airspace is safe to proceed.

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