Council & Committees


Left to Right:

David Moriaux - Councillor - 204-447-7010 Cell  email

Jason Delaurier - Councillor -204-281-5191 Cell    email

Lance Jacobson- Deputy Mayor-  204-734-6186 H / 204-734-8052 C / 204-734-4541 W   email

Glen McKenzie -Mayor - 204-734-2059 H / 204-734-8830 C / 306-542-3552 Lake  email

Duane Whyte - Councillor- 204-734-2316 H / 204-734-8814 C / 204-525-4340 Lake  email

Phyl Friesen- Councillor - 204-734-3333 H / 204-734-0940 C / 204-734-4760 W   email

Jason Sakal - Councillor - 204-734-9439 H / 204-734-0565 C / 204-734-3066 W   email

Mayor’s Message

We are very proud of our community as it is an enjoyable and memorable place to live or visit. The Town is the commercial center of the Swan River Valley and is home to many regional services including education, health and government offices.

Swan River and area also offer wonderful recreational amenities including a 18 hole golf course, curling club, skating rink, museum, new soccer fields, ball diamonds, indoor swimming pool, playgrounds, pristine lakes only minutes away, and a trail system along the river which meanders through the Town. Beautiful parks exist for those enjoy more leisurely recreational pursuits.

With affordable housing, numerous events and organizations to participate in, and friendly people…Swan River offers an excellent quality of life and is a great place to raise a family and to do business.

The Town of Swan River welcomes you!  

Mayor Glen McKenzie

                                                                                                                                                                                                              THE TOWN OF SWAN RIVER 2016/2017 STANDING COMMITTEES AND OTHER APPOINTMENTS

1. General Government, Fiscal Services & Protective Services

-Legislative, Administrative, Finance, Labour Relations, Other General Government and Capital Programs

-Police and Fire Protection, Emergency  Measures Organization and Animal Control                                                 

-Work Place Health & Safety

     Glen McKenzie - Chairperson  

     Duane Whyte – Committee Member  

     Lance Jacobson – Committee Member  

2. Transportation & Environmental Health Services

-General Equipment, Engineering,

 Workshop, Yards & Buildings,

 Road Maintenance & Construction,

 Sidewalks, Ditches, Storm Sewer,

 Street Cleaning, Snow & Ice Removal,

 Street Lighting, Street Signs

-Garbage & Waste Collection

 Derelict Vehicles, Condemned Houses

 Other Environment Services

             Jason Delaurier – Chairperson  

             David Moriaux – Committee Member  447-7010 C 

             Jason Sakal – Committee Member 

3. Environmental & Economic Development Services

-Planning, Zoning

 Community Development

 Beautification & Christmas Lights

-Regional & Industrial Development

 Tourism & Chamber of Commerce


             Jason Sakal – Chairperson 

             Phyl Friesen – Comm. Member 

             David Moriaux – Comm. Member 

4. Recreation & Cultural Services

Centennial Arena

Swimming Pool, Playground

Museum and Parks

             Lance Jacobson – Chairperson 

             Phyl Friesen – Comm. Member 

             Jason Delaurier – Comm. Member 


Water Supply, Treatment & Distribution

Sewage Collection, Disposal & Treatment

Water & Sewer Extensions

             Jason Delaurier – Chairperson 

             Lance Jacobson – Comm. Member 

             Jason Sakal – Comm. Member 

Other Appointments

  • Airport - Duane Whyte, Jason Sakal, Glen McKenzie
  • Library - Phyl Friesen, Mary Snelgrove, Brian Hunter
  • Vet Clinic - Glen McKenzie
  • Deputy Mayor - Lance Jacobson
  • Swan Valley District Recreation - Lance Jacobson (Glen McKenzie, alternate), Owen Parsons, Lew Taylor, Pat Morden
  • Labour Management Committee, Negotiating, Grievance, Personnel 
                        - David Moriaux, Jason Delaurier, Duane Whyte, Lance Jacobson
  • Conservation District SLWCD - Glen McKenzie, Don Bobick
  • Board of Revision - The Whole Council
  • Administrative Committee - Julie Fothergill, Mike Ramsey, Darren Fedorchuk, Ken Kirkpatrick, Derek Poole, Darren Harvey, Patti Henkelman. Terry Gnida
  • Inter-Agency -  Glen McKenzie
  • Treaty Land Entitlement Committee - Glen McKenzie, Jason Delaurier, Phyl Friesen
  • SV Planning District Committee - Jason Delaurier, Jason Sakal
  • Landfill/Recycling Committee - Jason Delaurier, Jason Sakal, Lance Jacobson
  • Parkland Tourism Inc. - Bev Potten
  • Urban Forest Committee - Duane Whyte
  • Settlement Services - Phyl Friesen
  • Economic Development (RISE) - Jason Sakal, Glen McKenzie
  • Chamber of Commerce - Lance Jacobson, Alternate-Jason Sakal
  • SV Medical Services Committee - Jason Sakal, Duane Whyte
  • SV Emergency Measures District - Duane Whyte, Julie Fothergill
  • Shared Services - Lance Jacobson, Duane Whyte, Jason Delaurier
  • Safehouse - Duane Whyte
  • SV Refugee Committee Duane Whyte
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