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By-Law Enforcement

For a partial list of our active bylaws please visit this page: BYLAWS

To submit a request: REQUEST FORM

Public Notice Picture: Leash your dogs yo! Look at those sad dogs, they are sad because they are not leashed.public information message: Animal poop? Scoop up your poop!public information messagepublic information message No, you can't have ten cats like the simpsons cat lady. Only 3.Get your garbage out of here!public information message: some parking rulespublic information message: park facing the right way or you'll get a ticket. Even if its just for a minute.public information message: big city life. We got timed parking. Watch out for it.

public information message: don't park where you shouldn't! public information message: No parking your car for more than 7 days. Please see the Mr. bean car.public information message: No parking in handicap spots unless your allowed to!