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BYLAW 9/2023 - GRANT PROCCESS - FAQ, October 13, 2023

What’s changed?

All groups seeking a grant from the Town must apply through the Bylaw 9/2023 process. There are now clear criteria determining if any group is eligible and a process for approvals/denials.

What are some of the criteria that we must meet to get a Grant?

Here are some of the key criteria:

⦁    The application is fully complete and submitted before the deadline;

⦁    You must be a non-profit organization, association, or corporation;

⦁    Your proposal must benefit the citizens of Swan River or address a community need;

⦁    There must be sufficient budget.

What’s the difference between an “In-Kind Grant”, a “Cash Grant”, and a “Operational Grant”?

“In-Kind Grant” is a grant where the Town renders some goods or service as opposed to actual funds to be used for the purposes specified in the application. Such in-kind services may include but are not limited to hall rental fees or the renting of tables and chairs.

“Cash Grant” is a grant of actual funds given by the Town of Swan River to a group to be used for the purposes specified in the application.

“Operating Grant” is a grant of actual funds given by the Town of Swan River to a group that usually assists with some type of operating expense and is generally required for more than one year. It is typically accompanied by an agreement between the group and the town.

Where can I find the Grant Application Form?

It can be found at the end of the Bylaw or on our new Grant Page on the Town Website ( You can also reach out to the Town Office. 

Is there a deadline for Grant Applications to be in by?

Yes, in-kind/cash grant requests must be made at least 10 days in advance of when the funds are required. 

Operational Grants on the other hand must be approved in our budgeting process. They must be applied for by February 28 of each year to be considered.

What’s a Financial Statement vs. Audited Financial Statement?

You may be required to submit these documents to be eligible for a grant from us.

“Financial Statement” means the statement of the group’s financial affairs for its most recent fiscal year prior to the date of application.

 An “Audited Financial Statement” (or certified) has been audited for accuracy by an independent accountant.

When am I required to submit an Audited Financial Statement?

You must submit this if we request it; it is required by agreement, or if you fall under the applicable clause of the Municipal Act which reads:

186(1)  An auditor must examine the financial statements, financial information returns, records, books of account and other information relating to the financial affairs of the municipality for the fiscal year, including

(b) any board, committee or other body that is established or appointed by the council and that administers funds of the municipality.

What if I already get an “Operational Grant” from the Town of Swan River? Does anything change for me?

Organizations who have received annual grants will continue to be eligible, you have been grandfathered in. However, there are some changes for your continued eligibility:

A)    You must submit your current Financial Statement or audited financial statements (if required) by February 28. Monies will be withheld until these statements are received.

B)    See Section 15.4 in the Bylaw for further information.

Will my organization receive its grant if we don’t submit a Financial Statement?

For any grant above $1,500 a financial statement is required to be eligible.

A financial statement is not optional. Submitting this document assures us that your organization is running ethically and that the grant is being used for its intended purpose. This way we ensure accountability from your group and in turn we are accountable to our tax-payers.

Grants will be withheld until the receipt of the current Financial Statement (or, if applicable Audited Financial Statement).

What happens if we violate one or more rules from the Bylaw?

In the case an organization is non-compliant the Town reserves the right at their discretion to reduce or cease paying the grant during the annual budget planning process.

What if we receive a grant, but decide to use the money for something different than the proposal we submitted to the Town?

In instances like this contact the Evaluator or the CAO. In some cases, if it still aligns with the original proposal and remains eligible it may be approved at the discretion of the Evaluator. Dishonesty in the application process may affect your eligibility for future grants.