Bylaw 11/2023 Accommodation Tax

The Council for the Town of Swan River is considering an accommodation Tax Bylaw with a 5% rate on all accommodation rentals (with specific exemptions) which would include Short Term Rentals (e.g., like Air BnB).

To see a copy of the latest bylaw please email: (Jan 8, 2024 version is uploaded below).



Timing—when would Council like the by-law to take effect? 

  The By-Law effective date is anticipated to be January 1, 2025.

What is the proposed rate of the tax?

 To be in line with other neighbouring communities, we recommend a rate of 5%.


What will the revenue go towards?

 Administration proposes that this money be levied towards Recreation and Active Living. We are very open to hearing your suggestions.


What will be our tax collection procedures?

 Below you will find our bylaw with our proposed collection procedures. This is similar to how other Municipalities in Manitoba conduct their own tax collection.

 For Short-Term Rentals, we will be exploring further options for collection, such as a Short-Term Rental registry or working with online platforms (e.g., Airbnb & Vrbo).

Will any of our guests be exempt from the Tax?

 Our current proposed bylaw has several exemptions fully detailed under clause 5 (see bylaw attached below).


We feel that this Tax will make us less competitive with other hotels and communities surrounding us.

Many of the neighbouring similar sized communities around us have implemented their own Accommodation Tax By-Law. Every Hotel in Swan River will be subject to comply with the By-Law. 


Why is council considering passing this Accommodation Tax Bylaw?

 Many communities in Manitoba are already using this tool to leverage their Economic Development and to fund events and other projects to help bring more commerce and tourism to their communities.